Meet Two Actors Behind Scrooge!

Boyden and Korwan Are The Cratchits

Meet Two Actors Behind Scrooge!

Christopher Matias ('23), Orbit Contributor

The RMHS drama club production of Scrooge begins its showcase this Friday, December 2nd. The drama club has been working on Scrooge for months. The actor and actress portraying Mr. and Mrs. Cratchit are excited about their role in the musical.

Lucy Boyden(’23), president of the drama club, has taken on the role of Mrs. Cratchit. Mrs. Cratchit has a sizable role in the musical, and Boyden is looking forward to performing as her. “It feels good having a role like this, I like having a lot of lines and interacting with characters.” Boyden added, “Mrs. Cratchit has a lot of fun lines, she yells at Mr Cratchit and I’m good friends with the actor playing him so it’s fun.” Boyden has performed in numerous productions since beginning her high school career. Not every role of hers has been as big as Mrs. Crachit. “It’s also a lot of fun being in the ensemble because the spotlight isn’t directly on you the whole time so it’s less stressful,” Boyden shared of her experience in ensemble roles.

I’ve been wanting and preparing for this my entire high school career…

— Lucy Boyden ('23)

The president of the drama club role comes with its own obligations. “Being the president of a club is a very big responsibility. Even just being a senior there’s a lot of pressure on you to be a good role model and act the way you’re supposed to and help the director,” Boyden said. Having extra expectations can be overwhelming but Boyden has been preparing to be the club president since freshman year. “I’ve been wanting and preparing for this my entire high school career, I’ve been waiting for senior year.” 

The counterpart to Boyden’s Mrs. Cratchit is TJ Korwans (’25) Mr. Cratchit. Korwan enjoys performing as Mr. Cratchit especially because it is during a festive time of the year. “I like Bob. He’s a really cool and loving character and that’s fun to portray especially for a Christmas musical,” he said. The role of Mr. Cratchit is bigger than Korwan’s past performances.  This has provided him with several emotions. “I’m a little stressed but I’m also very happy to have a leadership position while having a bigger role, like doing a lot of stuff on stage with different people. It’s very fun.”

I like Bob. He’s a really cool and loving character and that’s fun to portray…

— TJ Korwan ('25)


For the musical Korwan has a unique responsibility of working with younger kids. “Because I’m Bob Cratchit I have two kids that I work with on stage that are in elementary school, it gives you a chance to make connections. It’s really cool to see younger kids who want to be involved with drama,” he said. 

Being Boyden’s final year at RMHS, Scrooge is one her last performances. “It’s bittersweet where you’re happy that you’ve done all of these shows and that you have a good part and you’re getting this experience, but you’re also sad you know it’s the last musical. So it’s sad but also really fun. It’s both stressful and good that it’s ending this way.”