Popcorn Tuesday!

New Class Project During Flex


Image from Simply Recipes / Mihaela Kozaric Sebrek

Henry Holt ('23), Orbit Contributor

Popcorn is being offered across from the main office during Tuesday flex blocks.

The school is working with students to simulate real-world job experience and food preparation. The initiative is run by faculty in the EMBARC program such as Ms. Ayer, Mr. Shannon, Ms. Nichols, Ms. Cindy, and Ms. Lestrade and students within it. The popcorn is available to all students for 1$.

Ms. Ayer is enthusiastic about how popular the popcorn is among students. “Everyone seems to be pretty excited about it. We’ve sold about 70 bags each week, and the one week we weren’t able to sell due to our supplies being delivered late, people seemed to be pretty disappointed.”

The new student-run popcorn business has many benefits for the students involved. “The students who are involved in selling the popcorn are working on developing vocational and social skills that they might not otherwise be exposed to. They are learning how to plan ahead/order items by making note of what we are running low on and informing their teachers so more can be ordered. They’re learning to maintain a hygienic environment by practicing good hand washing and proper glove use. They are learning daily living skills such as measuring (popcorn ingredients), following a recipe to make the popcorn, washing dishes, and practicing safety skills around hot cooking appliances. Students also work on developing social skills such as greeting customers, as well as money skills by making change for orders,” Ms. Ayer said.

 The money raised from selling popcorn will go to fund continued community outings in order to build upon the skill sets that students are learning in school. The money will also be used to fund ‘Best Buddies’ activities as well.

Regarding whether or not they will be continuing to sell popcorn during Tuesday flex blocks in the coming years Ms Ayer said, “I hope we’re able to continue this. It’s a great opportunity for the students in the EMBARC program, and it seems like everyone enjoys the pick-me-up of a nice snack on Tuesday mornings!”