Students of the Month Announced

Flaherty, Reid, Sanford, and Franklin Win for Respect

RMHS recognized senior Nora Flaherty, junior Nick Reid, sophomore Jeremiah Sanford, and freshman Franklin Travassos for their respectfulness, awarding them September’s student of the month. 

For some background context to understand these new awards it goes as follows: each month a different student is awarded for demonstrating one of the school’s core values. Our core values are respect, responsibility, perseverance, and scholarship. 

Each month, teachers may nominate students who they believe display the respective value of that month. Each grade has a slot for a student to be selected to win the title. Anyone is subject to winning, as the award isn’t tied to enrollment in any particular classes or participation in any particular activities.

While Student of the Month has been awarded in past years, the awards did become irregular during the pandemic.

When asked about the new establishment, Mrs. Buckley told us, “It’s a wonderful way to recognize all the leaders at our school.” 

English teacher Mrs. Clawson has Franklin in one of her classes.  “I 100% agree with him receiving student of the month respect, he is kind to me and his classmates and is constantly doing the right thing,” she told us. “I also have Jeremiah on class officers and he’s the same thing. Just so respectful.”

Olivia R is a senior at RMHS. She reports that Nora Flaherty is “a kind friend” and “is doing a great job as our class president.”

“I was called down to the office and they told me I had won.” Nora Flaherty recalled, “Ms. Buckley nominated me for all the work I did planning the very first Homecoming.”

Student of the Month is a way of encouraging students to follow our core values. These values are claimed to create a space for students, teachers, and administrators to thrive. We will see if this new system will improve the environment of RMHS.