TikTok Teaching

Can Social Media Be a Teaching Tool?


RMHS world language teacher Dr. Landry uses social media as a teaching tool.

As social media becomes increasingly influential in the day-to-day lives of teens, teacher at RMHS Dr. Landry, embraces the social media platform TikTok in order to enhance students’ learning of French and French culture by uploading short videos, with one video even surpassing 1 million views.

Social media has become a very influential tool to market products and services, but Dr. Landry has taken social media to the next level, by learning how to use it in education. His TikToks range from being about what the culture in France is like, to teaching students how to conjugate verbs in French. Although, his most famous TikToks have been those that are satirical, yet still relating to French class.

A recent study from an international educational conference has also proven the positive effects on the use of social media in the classroom, especially regarding learning a new language through TikTok. The study found that “respondents expressed a strong desire to use a TikTok application to watch and understand all the content associated with basic English skills” and “respondents had a positive attitude toward a TikTok application as a video aid while learning through TikTok application.” This emphasizes the positive effects of implementing social media usage in the classroom.

It’s really about tricking you guys into doing things that are educational and good for French…”

— Dr. Landry

Since evidence is mounting that social media can increase engagement in class, helping students to learn, Dr. Landry has taken this approach in class stating that, “It’s really about tricking you guys into doing things that are educational and good for French like lip syncing and stuff like that.” His use of TikTok in class creates a fun environment in class which he believes helps students learn further. His use of French songs and sounds brings French culture into the classroom. After one of his TikToks went viral his education aspirations broadened, he states that, “The goal right now is that we are trying to reach a wider public to bring French into people’s homes.” 

Especially for language teachers, the use of social media, like TikTok, allows for students to experience true French culture by invading the French side of TikTok. Lip synching to the popular French songs and sounds on TikTok teach students a correct French accent and the popular slang. Dr. Landry symbolically agreed, “It’s like a little window into French culture and different cultures.”

Both the positive academic effects, and the engagement that using social media in education causes, are just some reasons why teachers like Dr. Landry choose to use social media as a tool in their classrooms.