Rocket Football Preview: Week 5

Rockets at Tanners


Colby Markham ('25), Orbit Contributor

The Rockets will be hitting the road this Friday to do battle with the 3-1 Woburn Tanners as they try to improve to 5-0 on the season.

Reading is fresh off of a 35-7 clean up of Belmont, in which the offense went for an efficient 8.3 yards per play. Senior running back Alvin Day shined in his second game back from an injury, after being sidelined for the first two games of the season. With a shifty elusiveness that he used to slice through the defense, he racked up an impressive 100 yards rushing and 2 touchdowns on 13 carries, and had no difficulty leaving defenders (and ankles) in his wake. 

When asked about how he is having this much success so soon after being hurt, he had this to say.

…the game will go our way if we play well, put everything together and play disciplined.

— Alvin Day ('23)

“Well I think it’s kind of about overcoming, cause once you get injured it’s kind of scary, and you think you might not be able to do what you do at the same level again. You kind of have to look at it as, ‘Well I got this injury, let’s just focus on getting better.’ I looked at it as a moment where I could grow and get closer to my teammates.”

Overcoming is what it’s all about, but to overcome Woburn, the Rockets will have to be at their best. In a season where a 35-7 dismantling of Arlington is their latest victory, each of the Tanners wins have been by 16 points or more. With an offense that has put up 30+ points in 3 of its 4 games, and a defense that hasn’t allowed more than 21 points in a game, the Woburn Tanners are definitely a team to respect

“I’m very very confident that the game will go our way if we play well, put everything together and play disciplined,” Alvin said.  “It’ll be a fun night.”

The Rockets are the favorites.


Middlesex Liberty Division Standings

League Overall
Reading 4-0 1-0
Woburn 3-1 1-0
Arlington 2-2 0-1
Lexington 2-3 1-0
Belmont 2-3 0-1
Winchester 1-3 0-1