Coles’ Videos Boost School Spirit

Maxvids An Online Sensation

Senior Max Coles is the talented student behind Maxs Videos.

Senior Max Coles is the talented student behind Max’s Videos.

Senior Max Coles continues to have success, for the third year, producing videos of RMHS events that he shares with over 6,000 social media followers under the brand name Maxvids.

Max first pursued his passion for creating videos in middle school, eventually gaining attention in his sophomore year when he began filming RMHS sports. Given the thousands of likes his videos have received, it is not an exaggeration to say that his videos have bolstered school spirit.

Showcasing the wide variety of sports RMHS offers, including football, field hockey, soccer, volleyball, basketball, hockey, lacrosse, baseball, etc., was “very important,” according to Max Coles. Last year his demanding schedule consisted of attending four games a week and later editing each game for about two hours. 

His hard work had paid off, as students generally enjoy his videos. “As a member of the Girls Varsity Field Hockey Team, the rest of my teammates and I love being filmed. We always look forward to watching the video he will make out of our games,” said Olivia Johnson (’23).

After I graduate, I hope the school spirit stays alive.

— Max Coles ('23)

Members of RMHS, as well as any social media user, are able to view his videos through his several platforms. Specifically, Instagram and Tiktok, where he has amassed about 6,000 total followers. Spanning over the last four years his popularity increased, as his videos went from 35 views to over 521 thousand. 

“I used to make Instagram edits for NHL which evolved into high school videos when I got my first camera,” stated Max.

As Max has reached his senior year, he has begun making plans for his future in the film industry. Max intends on continuing his filming career throughout his college years and eventually taking his talent to the professional level. 

With RMHS soon in his past he only has one wish, “After I graduate, I hope the school spirit stays alive.”