A Successful Drive for the Cards 4 Kindness Club


Some of the cards that RMHS students sent to local seniors recently.

Alice Lin (‘22), Orbit Contributor

Two students took action to start a new club to provide a safe way of connection between students and those who needed positivity in their lives, regardless of the hard times due to the  pandemic.

Two months ago, BaoVy Phan and Casey Vieira, RMHS juniors, decided to start a new club, called Cards 4 Kindness Club. Both students wanted to start the club because of similar reasons. Club President BaoVy Phan shares,“I wanted to spread kindness to those who needed it the most during the pandemic and let them know that they are supported and cared for.” Casey Vieira, the other Club President answered by saying, “I wanted to start the Cards 4 Kindness Club because quarantine, and the pandemic as a whole, has greatly helped me understand the importance of human connection. When the possibility of face to face is not available, I think words and art are often best to turn to. A group where we can make our mission, to give messages when we cannot give ourselves first hand, is something I thought would help the community hugely. I very much feel as though creation and giving to others through the pandemic has kept the world going, and I’m glad I get to play a role in that.”

When the possibility of face to face is not available, I think words and art are often best to turn to.

— Casey Viera ('22)

During November, right when the club started, the first card drive theme was for seniors at the Senior Center at Pleasant Street and the Residence at Pearl Street. All of the cards were due on December 10, 2020. “The first card drive was very successful and we made together over 170 cards for the seniors,” said Phan.

By being part of the Cards 4 Kindness Club, members attend bi-weekly zoom meetings on Tuesdays 9:10-10:00 during FLEX blocks. Anyone is welcome to join. Other than attending the zoom meetings, as a member of the club you would need to make at least two cards per drive. Also know that making cards for the card drive will count as volunteer hours. After finishing the cards, you just need to drop it off with the volunteer form in Mrs. Howie’s Room or the Cards 4 Kindness Box, which is located right outside the school office. 

The goal of the Cards 4 Kindness Club is to spread positivity and kindness to other people in our community through these cards and letters. The world right now is filled with uncertainty, especially because of the coronavirus and even stress from little things. We need more positivity in our daily lives and sometimes it’s just a few words or compliments from other people, that make a difference. The students hope to spread more kindness as they continue an empowering club.