Photo Gallery: Shots of a Hybrid RMHS

Orbit Staff

A cleaning supply station awaits teachers inside the main entrance. (Catherine Adams (’21))


All who enter by the main entrance must sign in at this station. (Laura Biggart (’21))


Madelyn Forse (’21)


RMHS Guidance Office with new plexi-glass barriers. (Madelyn Forse (’21))


Cafeteria cashier station with plexi-glass. (Emma Kehoe (’21))


RMHS cafeteria set up with student desks. (Emma Kehoe (’21))


RMHS Library (Aidan Heroux (’21))


Ava Carlson (’21)


Ava Carlson (’21)


Ava Carlson (’21)


RMHS Guidance Office. (Josh Bedingfield (’21))


Josh Bedingfield (’21)


Michael Casarano (’21)