Senior Athletes Reflect On Abnormal Fall Season


Olivia Pineau ('21)

A socially distanced start to a recent cross country meet.

We interviewed several senior fall sport athletes, asking the athletes how they felt about the changed fall season. All players have to wear masks during their games, provide their own transportation to and from the games, and maintain appropriate social distance. Overall athletes  unanimously replied that they were glad to have a season, but a few felt concerned with guidelines, specifically with wearing a mask while working out. Many also felt that the reduced schedule took away from team bonding and was odd to adjust to.

Jay Schipelliti (’21), Boys Varsity Soccer Co-captain

“I don’t mind the changed season too much. I’m grateful we have a season in the first place because over the summer there was uncertainty about whether or not we would have one. The rule changes and masks are slightly frustrating, the rules have disrupted the games and are difficult to get used to because we have been playing with different rules in all of our past seasons. The limited practice and game schedule is also disappointing but it is for an important reason. Although we are only allowed to have one fan per player, it is nice to have some people come and support our team. The may be frustrating and hard to get used to but they seem to working and protecting everyone so far.” 

Marisa Cirrone (’21), Girls Varsity Soccer Tri-Captain

“I think it’s been a hard change especially with rule changes for most of the sports. It’s sad to not be able to have our normal schedule of games and number of practices together, but we are happy we get to play even if it’s different. We are just trying to make the best of what we are given and do our best to follow the COVID guidelines, while still having fun together.”

Erin Mulvey (’21), Girls’ Cross Country Co-captain

“I’m really excited that we get to have a season this year, even with all the guidelines. The guidelines are super important but unfortunately they take away from a lot of the team bonding we usually do. But a season like this is better than no season at all.”

Kiara Tangney (’21), Girls Cross Country

“I was definitely nervous about the thought of running with a mask on. Going through quarantine made me want to do something in the fall, with losing my past spring season, even if the season is different than any other.” 

Steve Cormier (’21), Boys Cross Country Co-captain

“I’m excited that we get to have a season and while the guidelines are kind of an inconvenience, they aren’t unbearable. I think it’s a small price to pay and in order to have a season everyone has to do their part and I think everyone’s been doing a really good job with it.”

Caroline Johnson (’21), Field Hockey Co-captain

“Above all, I am very grateful that the field hockey team was able to have a season. Many other teams in different towns were not given the same privilege as us, and we are lucky that we were able to adapt with proper guidelines. However, the team is finding it a bit difficult to succeed with only 3, 90 minute practices per week, when we are used to about 4 or 5, 2 hour-long practices per week. That being said, our shorter and reduced practices only makes us work harder. We are motivated to give it our all, and make the most out of our season.”

Anthony Picano (’21), Golf Co-captain

“I believe that the changes for the fall season were important in both protecting the safety of everyone and to ensure that most sports can have a season.” 

Concluding the interview we realized that athletes are grateful that their seasons were able to occur in the first place. Although the new safety measures and rules may be difficult to get used to, everyone recognizes that they are in place for a reason.