Lunch To Change Radically Under Hybrid Plan

Ella Ramos ('21), Co-editor

As we come closer to the possibility of returning to school this fall, a lot of the things we’ve become comfortable with over the years will be subject to change, including our lunch period. 

Whether you’re finishing your F-block homework, or sharing conversation, everyone agrees that lunch at RMHS is an important part of our day. The school’s student body will contest that having the opportunity to socialize with your friends is a big stress reliever and provides students with something to look forward to every day. 

Many different stories have been circulated about what will specifically happen if and when we attend school this year. The one thing that is for sure are the different measures that will be taken to create a healthier and overall safer environment. When I left the SAT earlier this week, I exited through the back staircase in the cafeteria, which gave me a clear look at the arrangement.  As of right now, lunches will look mostly different from what we’ve experienced before. This means no more big tables, but rather single desks from classrooms that are situated six feet away from the others. Although this is necessary, it may damper the ability to hold a conversation with someone. 

“I know it’s going to be different than we are used to but I also get that we need to be safe and take these precautions so we can go back to normal in the future.” said senior Maggie Girouard.

“I’m unsure what going back will look like, but I’m optimistic lunch will still be enjoyable and a time to talk with friends during the school day” said senior Sophia Sinagra.

Although it’ll be different and a new change, the health and safety of the students and staff will be prioritized, which is a necessity for our return. Even though everyone is anticipating the return of in person school, these safety measures at lunch may create a negative response. An alternative to structured eating could be outdoor eating. 

During the fall and spring when we’re presented with good weather, RMHS gives students the option of eating outside. Outdoor eating could help the  situation because it will eliminate many different problems the current lunch plan could create such as: constant cleaning of every desk, no conversations during lunch, and the overall dismayed reaction. This will also make people more enticed to attend lunch since you can talk freely with friends at a closer distance. People would still need to distance themselves from each other, but since it’s outdoors, you could be closer. Until weather becomes a problem in the winter, this is a better alternative for students. Until then, we can enjoy a bit of normalcy back in our lives, starting with lunch.