Sports Return to RMHS, But Spectators Do Not

What Do Athletes Think?

Michael Casarano ('21), Orbit Contributor

The return to sports with no fans at Reading Memorial High School has left many athletes upset, reminiscing about playing in front of crowds, and wondering when fans will be allowed to return. 

The guidelines for a return to sports were released recently by Mr. Zaya, the athletics director at RMHS. The guidelines state only two fans per athlete are allowed to attend games. Many students are frustrated about this, as playing in front of fans is a very enjoyable and important aspect to their sports. 

Tyler Lindmark (‘21), a boys Varsity football player says that he dislikes the fact that fans won’t be allowed at games.

 “Playing with no fans won’t give players the same excitement and adrenaline when we walk onto the field which is a big factor in a game.” 

This shows how the team depends on fans to give them energy at times in the game, and the fact that the fans won’t be there could change how the team plays.

 Jane Ryan (‘21), a girls varsity field hockey player, shares a similar attitude about playing without fans. She says that her and fellow players “lose motivation without having people to support them or people to play for.” Although the players of course have themselves and their teams to play for, the added excitement that comes from fans is also something that athletes value, which is what Jane and her teammates miss when playing under the new guidelines.  

Colin Mulvey (‘21), a boys varsity hockey player, talks about his disappointment in the fact that there will be no student sections at games. 

“It’s definitely going to be tough… One of the best parts of scoring a goal is celebrating in front of the crowd.”

This shows having no fans takes a sort of enjoyment away from the players and shows how integral fans are to the game and to the athletes.

Athletes are extremely happy just to have a season with everything going on. However, fans are very important to the game, and whether it be at the professional or high school level, they will definitely be missed.