Assembly Addresses Fire


A barrier has been set up outside the 3rd floor boys bathroom as officials continue to investigate a case of arson at RMHS.

Sohail Kumar ('21)

On Monday, December 9, Principal Boynton held a morning assembly in the field house for all students to address the act of arson committed on the previous Friday.

Ms. Boynton, with adults who make up the school’s crisis team and a representative from the Reading Fire Department standing behind her, talked about the cause of the fire alarm on the previous Friday. Principal Boynton emphasized the seriousness of the event and the danger it had created for the 1300 students and 150 staff members present in the school at the time. She congratulated the students and staff for exiting the building safely and calmly following the instructions relayed to them.

She claimed that the act was made by an, as yet, unidentified individual or group who had acted “recklessly” and that the act had left her “outraged.” Students were encouraged to relay any information they may have that could help identify the perpetrator. She told students that they could relay information by talking to administrative members directly, using an anonymous police phone line, or through a link on the website. 

She added that the Reading Police had teamed up with the Massachusetts State Police to help bring the individual to justice. According to School Resource Officer Lewis, who also spoke at the event, the Massachusetts State Police have offered a cash reward for anyone who gives information that leads to the identification of the individual responsible for the fire.

Some people believe that the act of arson was a response to the assembly held just one day prior, which was meant to address several issues of recent concern such as the trash left behind in the cafeteria, destruction of school property, and acts of vandalism.