Friday Fire at RMHS

Catherine Adams and Ella Ramos

On Friday, December 6th during C-block, an RMHS teacher succeeded in extinguishing a fire that was set in a trash can in the third floor boys bathroom by an unidentified student or group of students.  

The fire alarm went off and students safely evacuated outside.  No one was harmed and an ongoing investigation remains.  

After about 15 minutes students were escorted into the field house where they remained for a little. Students were instructed to remain calm as the cause of the fire was still unidentified at the time.  Soon after the normal school day continued while there was an increased watch of the activity in the hallways.  

Now the event has been identified as an intentional fire, but with an unidentified suspect. 

Our Principal, Mrs. Boynton, was not present at the time of the event, but called an all school assembly the following Monday, the 9th to address the school. 

In attendance were the two School Resource Officers and a town fireman, as well as the “Crisis Team,” which exists to help students and staff cope in potentially traumatic situations.

More information is to follow in upcoming articles regarding the assembly, future actions, punishments and possible convictions. 

Stayed tuned as The Orbit will cover what is to follow after this event.