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Teachers Give Perspective on Senior Privilege


Seniors enrolled in the first semester Journalism with Mrs. Clawson honed their interviewing skills by speaking with  a few experienced RMHS teachers about their opinion on the past and present Senior Privilege policies and their own experiences when they were high school students. The removal of Senior Privilege at RMHS has provoked a lot of controversy. Students have voiced their opinion and even created a petition to bring back open campus that collected over 800 signatures.

Senior Privilege when Teachers were Students

Mr. Dailey, Social Studies: Well when we rode the wooly mammoth to school, on Tuesdays and  Thursdays at the school where I was, if we had a study last period we could leave at like 1:15 as opposed to like 2:15. 

Mr. Carroll, retired teacher/substitute: There was a thing called honor privilege, for example they had rooms where students would hang out with no staff and it was uncovered.

Mr. Blanchard, Social Studies: Zero Senior Privilege when I was in high school.

Mr. D’entremont, Social Studies: If I remember correctly I still have the actual little card from Mr.Quinn, who was the assistant principal who used to sign it. I still have it at home. My senior privilege–I believe–if we had it we could go and leave, but you had to be back. So if you abused it you had multiple detentions, and was very strict. And if you’re late for class by one minute you were sent down to the office to detention, and you had to serve that day or the next day and that’s it! 

Past Senior Privilege at RMHS 

Ms. Crosby, English: The original senior privilege was only A block and G block but since 2020, and the school not wanting so many people in the school, they gave the seniors open campus. I don’t think we need to do that this year. 

Mr. Carroll : There was no senior privilege in my first years of teaching.

Mrs. Murphy, World Language: So, we always (In Mrs. Murphy’s time at RMHS) had first period and last period senior privilege. They had the open campus with the situation with COVID. So (during COVID) there were people leaving and coming–not only seniors but everybody pretty much.

Mr. Dailey: If you had a first period or last period you could come in late or leave a little early. During COVID it morphed into a different situation where it was a case of not wanting to overpopulate certain areas and keep social distancing norms at the forefront. 

Issues with Senior Privilege since COVID

Mr. Blanchard: There’s been many instances where students went missing or were supposed to be at class and they were maybe at bagel world or whatnot. Yeah, I think the tone in the building last year with privilege was that it wasn’t just for seniors. It was a bad one.

Mrs. Murphy: The following years they kind of kept with that, letting students in and out, but that caused trouble because underclassmen, since you know we couldn’t tell because no one was monitoring who was exiting and coming back so that could be a liability too, you know not knowing who people are you know the seniors are not gonna be here and then it gives you track on whos in the building right now. Some kids, they just left all the time and that’s a problem when you have freshmen and sophomores.

Mr. D’entremont: What was happening during, I think you know, during COVID was that even freshmen were leaving. Everybody was leaving whenever they wanted to pretty much. Some kids were skipping and just leaving because you know they could and hopefully they don’t get caught, that type of thing.

Thoughts on Current Senior Privilege Policy

Mr. Blanchard: I would keep it as is currently this year. I think that it gives seniors an opportunity for an A or F block, A and G block, whatever the end or beginning of the day, to have some independence that they probably deserve at that point in their career. But it also keeps all the underclassmen from taking advantage of the privilege when it’s not given to them. Ultimately it’s about safety.

Ms. Crosby: There’s also a lot of things I would like to do during the day but when I’m here my focus and work is you guys, so I think that staying in the building is better for everyone.

Mr. Dailey:  I think there is a lot of benefit seniors can get out of Flex especially because the guidance staff has put a ton of work into that time to make sure everyone of our seniors has the necessary steps in place for college applications, service academy applications and recommendations, military or even if your headed to your career. So yes, I am good with seniors staying for Flex.

Mr. Carroll: I’m not gonna say you have to qualify for it but you have to avoid being unqualified for it, for example if you cut classes or you’re late to school, you shouldn’t get senior privilege.

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