Fall to Bring Return of Dance Team

Olivia Johnson ('23), Orbit Contributor

The  RMHS Athletic Department is reviving the RMHS Dance Team, which is set to re-launch in Fall 2023. 

Nearly a decade ago, the RMHS Dance Team was discontinued due to a decline of interest from the student body. However, with a sudden burst of interest this year, the dance team will be brought back for the fall 2023 season. 

The team will function similarly to other RMHS sports, with a few exceptions. It will most likely be slightly less of a commitment than other RMHS varsity sports. RMHS Athletic Director, Mr. Zaya stated, “It would more than likely follow a schedule. The team may not be five or six days a week, it might be a little bit less.” Mr. Zaya explained that they are still in the process of coordinating some details, but he knows that it will soon come together. 

The program is projected to be a combination of competitive and recreational. It will be mostly recreational, with the exception of one competition.   Mr. Zaya said, “There will be a Middlesex League competition that we will be invited to.” His plan is for the program to get more competitive as years progress. 

Mr. Zaya says that all RMHS students are welcome to join.  “Anybody in 9th to 12th grade would be eligible to participate.” Students are encouraged to take part and spread the word. 

At this point in time, some details are still unknown. The dance team coach is “Yet to be determined,” according to Mr. Zaya. “We’re in the process of finding a coach now.” The athletic department is currently still figuring out a detailed practice schedule with times and practice locations.