Unity Day To Run Again

Second Unity Day on May 26

Catherine Hattery ('24), Orbit Contributor

On May 26th, RMHS will hold a now annual event, Unity Day–a day with the intention for RMHS students to create lasting connections, find new passions, and have fun. 

Unity Day consists of workshops for different skills, activities, and games, and an interactive speech from Jamelle Adams the Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for the Scituate Public Schools.  Mr. Adams was a featured speaker at last year’s Unity Day, as well. 

Students have been emailed a Unity Day Workshop Selection sheet, where they are asked to rank each activity on a scale of one to three stars, one star meaning one is uninterested in this activity, two stars meaning one is open to this activity, and three meaning they want to participate in this activity. 

Last year, selections ranged from karaoke to pickup basketball, from peaceful coloring to gardening, from beginner chess to junk volleyball. Unity Day coordinators designed the day so each student could attend a wide range of desired activities. Kaelin Higgins (‘24) who participated in the workshop Friendship Bracelets and Lanyards said, “The workshop gave me the opportunity to get closer to other students and the day off of academic classes gave me time to connect with friends that I would not normally see.” Matty Fichera (‘24) also claimed, “Unity Day helped me not only bond with friends, but it also gave me the opportunity to make new friends.”

Meredith Taylor (‘23) expressed that she felt closer to students after Unity Day. She claimed, “Unity Day allows culture and talents to be shared to a community one wouldn’t normally be around.” Because students are allowed to pick their workshops, each group is centered around a common interest- the recipe for bonding. Taylor also claimed that Unity Day provided new experiences that she otherwise would not have been able to partake in. For example, the Italian Cooking class with Mrs. Mcsorley provided her with a new opportunity. She stated, “I have never made pasta from scratch before- now I have!”

Ally Clarkson (‘23) also had a similar experience. She stated, “Unity Day was well organized and had a lot of variety in activities.” Unity Day will follow a similar pattern as last year, with activities like card games, kickball, karaoke, basketball, mug decorating, friendship bracelets, and more. Each workshop was created with the purpose for students to have fun while learning and experiencing something new. In total there are 55 activities, meaning everyone can find something they would like to participate in.

A variety show will also be held on Unity Day, too. This assembly will be led by last year’s speaker, Jamele Adams. If you are interested in sharing poetry, spoken word, art skills, or any other talents on stage, feel free to email Ms. Buckley.