The Travelling Teacher

Not all teachers have a dedicated classroom

The Travelling Teacher

Multiple teachers at RMHS do not have their own classrooms and therefore have to travel to several rooms during the school day. Since the new school building opened in 2008, there has been a continuous issue that there isn’t enough space to provide each teacher with a classroom.

When the RMHS renovation and construction project was completed in 2008, the new building “had to abide by the state’s formula on how big the school could be,” said English Department Head Mr.McSweeney.  The result was the building we are in now which has more teachers than classrooms.   

In order to determine which teachers get their own rooms, it’s a hard decision that requires a lot of thought. 

“It’s definitely a combination of seniority, [and the] number of classes a teacher teaches,” said Mr.McSweeney.

According to him, not all departments do it the same way.  

“There’s not a hard-and-fast, single way that’s done,” said Mr. McSweeney. 

Why is this a challenge?

For the teachers who have to travel, this scenario causes problems. Teachers travel back and forth between various classrooms and their department office. This can make it difficult for teachers to keep track of their materials.

RHMS English teacher Ms. Woodworth said, “The hardest part is just keeping track of everything.”  She explained that storage is difficult.  “There’s no central place to keep things.”  

In addition, the time between classes can be crucial for teachers and students to catch up. It can be hectic when the teacher is trying to get to their next class that could be across the school.

“Instead of checking in with the student or [if]students want to talk to you after class, I’m late to my next class. So, it is pretty hectic,” she said.

Woodworth said, “In the morning, I’m going from room to room,” but during the last three blocks of the day she is in the same room and notices “a big difference” in the class environment.

RMHS math teacher Ms. Speziale, who has used multiple rooms, said, “My advice would be if it has not been provided by the Department to ask if you can have a cart to help you move your materials around so you’re not just lugging it around.”

Students’ reactions to traveling teachers

Although for some teachers switching rooms is a pressing issue, some students don’t see it the same way. 

“It doesn’t really affect me. But I know for some people, they get confused about where to go,” said Brianna Cirrone (’23).

Senior Aidan Bekkenhuis has a teacher who travels and said, “Sometimes he does forget papers and packets and all that type of stuff.”

Students also have opinions on how teachers are chosen to get classrooms. Cirrone thought, “It [which teacher gets a classroom] depends on the class that they’re teaching and if it’s easier to teach with just computers or less materials.”  

Bekkenhuis offered, “The teachers that have been here the longest should get classrooms.”


Even though it may not be the best scenario, both teachers say it has helped them create relationships with other staff members they wouldn’t typically see. 

“I think it helps you get out more and kind of work with other colleagues, you get to see more students,” said Ms. Speziale.

Ms.Woodworth agreed, “I guess one unexpected benefit is maybe, you get to build relationships with the teachers that room you share with.”