Rocket’s Closet Now Open…and Full


The A World of Difference Club has been advertising their new initiative The Rocket’s Closet.

Olivia Ritondo ('23), Orbit Contributor

The RMHS A World of Difference Club (AWOD) has recently created the Rocket’s Closet, a collection of free items that students can access in the guidance office.

Rocket’s Closet is a convenient and discrete way for RMHS students to take and use various necessities. All students are welcome to take items from the closet. Advisor of the A World of Difference Club,  English teacher Mrs. Williams, says she was inspired by her own kids’ school in North Andover for the idea. “My children attended North Andover High School, and they had something similar,” Williams says, “and I thought, man, why can’t we bring something like that to RMHS?” Ever since Williams proposed the idea in the beginning of the school year, the AWOD club has been eagerly working to make this project a reality. 

Donation boxes can be found outside the main office, in guidance, and around the school. According to Williams, there is so much to donate to the closet. “There are backpacks, school supplies, toiletries, sweatshirts, jackets, pants, shoes. Just about anything I think a student might need is in there.” Other donations accepted are personal hygiene products such as deodorant, soap, toothbrushes, hair brushes, and hair ties. New socks, underwear, and winter gear are other appreciated donations.

We started the closet so if anyone needed something throughout the day they could grab it.

— Natalie Wall ('24)

Students can enter guidance, walk to the closet around the corner and grab anything they need. If an item they need is not there, a QR code is available to scan and request products. It is anonymous to ensure that students feel comfortable asking for specific donations they would like. 

One of the AWOD club’s main missions is to promote a positive and inclusive school environment. Rocket’s Closet was a project that does just that as well as brings comfort to many students. AWOD member Natalie Wall (‘24) is very proud of what the club has accomplished. Wall states, “We started the closet so if anyone needed something throughout the day they could grab it. Thanks to the donations the closets are stocked with lots of things for students at our school.” 

Williams concludes that, “I think we want students to feel supported in a community where a lot of families are generous. If anybody could make it happen it would be Reading.”