Class of ’23 Lawn Signs Available

But Deadline Approaching Fast


Grady Diemer ('23), Orbit Contributor

RMHS seniors will have until March 31st to order and purchase a senior lawn sign to ensure an April delivery.

If seniors wish to order a Class of 2023 lawn sign, they must do so by filling out a google form that was linked in an email sent to all RMHS Class of 2023 families on March 3rd via health teacher Mrs. Hopkinson, one of the Class of 2023 advisors. The signs will be created through Kelly Wentworth Photography of Tewksbury, MA .

Parents and students can upload their photos for the sign within the google form. They have the option to use the student’s yearbook photo or a digital graduation photo. The price to purchase a sign will vary from $15 to $30 depending on which customizations for the sign are chosen in the google form. Payment methods include cash, check, Venmo, Cash App, and Zello. All proceeds will go into senior activities for the remainder of the year.

Parents and students also have an option to only order just a “Class of 2023” logo without a photo or a student name as a customization. A pick up event for the signs is set to be determined for sometime this April. Many current RMHS seniors however, have shown differing feelings over senior lawn signs and whether or not they will purchase one.

Senior Teresa Hall said, “I think it’s a good thing for people who want that, personally I don’t really want that because I don’t want my face on my lawn.” When asked if Hall would order a sign without her name or picture she responded with, “I feel like I would have to go all in and do the picture too, because if I just do the text it might be too ominous. When senior Hayden Clark was asked if the senior sign pricing felt fair, he responded, “No, I feel like 15[dollars] is kind of a lot. I feel like 5 or 10[dollars] would be a better price.”

Some students were more positive on the matter. Senior Jordan Whitmer showed his support for the signs, as he said, “I feel like it’s a cool idea and I’ve seen a lot of other schools do that.” Senior Emmalynn Shmulsky, when asked if she would purchase a sign without a picture or name, said, “I might consider it.”

History teacher and RMHS alumnus of 1987 Mr. d’Entremont shared his thoughts on the signs. When asked whether senior signs would have been popular during his time at RMHS he said, “No, it wouldn’t have.  It’s one of those things back then that you know, money was maybe tighter or whatever.” However, in regard to RMHS senior signs today, he said, “I don’t mind it, but I can see where some people wouldn’t want that.”

Along with other customizations, this year’s signs will encompass a “new” design and a “traditional” design both with a different font, style and pricing than the other. If parents and students so choose, they are allowed to order more than one sign and more than one type of sign.