Sophomore Semi Fast Approaching

Sophomore student leaders and their class advisers are working together to create a memorable semi-formal, taking place in the RMHS cafeteria on March 10 from 7-9 pm. 

From now until the fast approaching deadline of March 3rd, students can purchase their tickets for the highly anticipated dance. Students must stop by Mrs. Clawson’s classroom (324) or see Ms. Greenbaum with $25 to secure a ticket. 

In order to create a more memorable dance, the student leaders and class advisors have decided on the theme “Starry Night”. When asked how they decided on this theme, sophomore class advisor Mrs. Clawson said, “The class officers came up with the idea. We originally were supposed to have the semi in February with a winter theme, but then it got moved to March, so we had to come up with a new plan.” 

The students that have been working on bringing the semi-formal to life consist of Justin Raimo, Maya Liteplo, Megan Shanahan, Jeremiah Sanford, Quinn Synnott, Hope Duffy, and Emma Koster, who all make up the Sophomore Class Office. According to Mrs. Clawson, they have been very productive and are doing a great job organizing the dance. 

She also mentions the work the advisors and officers have done behind the scenes: “We created a signup genius sent to the parents of the class who have been so generous and supportive. They donated all of the decorations that were on a wishlist that we made, including twinkle lights and a balloon arch. The colors are navy, purple and silver.” 

Students have been receiving information about the anticipated semi-formal via their class instagram page and consistent emails to the class and their parents. Also, the daily morning announcements have been advertising the dance as well as word of mouth as the class officers and students spreading the information plays a very important role. 

When asked about how they are planning on making the dance more enjoyable, Mrs Clawson says: “Our biggest marketing tool is that we heard the homecoming dance was too long as it was 3 hours, so we made the semi 2 hours which will be a draw-in for students.” She further mentions that this will ultimately create a more memorable dance experience that students would look back on positively.