Cheer Team Excels

Team Grabs Third Consecutive League Title


The ’22-’23 Rocket cheer team closed out a successful fall season.

Ella Keddy ('23), Orbit Contributor

RMHS’s cheer team has competed at three competitions in the fall, placing first at leagues–for their third consecutive year–fifth at regionals, and tenth at the state championship at Worcester State University.

The Rocket cheer team faced some adversity, with a couple of injuries and a few less than perfect performances in competition. But, despite the adversity that they have gone through, they have managed to keep a positive attitude and attain a high level of performance, as their third league championship in a row proves.

On top of the three competitions, the Lady Rockets attended two invitationals before their season started, Think Pink in Billerica and Wildcat Invitational in Wilmington. Co-Coach Kylie Coffey said, “We put the girls in two invitationals to get the competition jitters out and to find out where we were at.” These were just showcases of their routine, but despite not competing, the Lady Rockets were able to obtain their highest score of the season at Think Pink.

…this particular team just loves the sport.

— Coach Coffey

After these invitationals, their first step was leagues. Despite losing one of their seniors and best tumblers, Bella Bielicki, to a foot injury, the team was still able to perform and get a score of 80.9, including the one point deduction they received for a shoe launching into the crowd. Coffey stated, “We had a clear goal this season: a 3-peat at leagues,” which they were able to accomplish. One of three captains, Stacey Levesque, remarked, “I feel really good about our performance at leagues. We’ve fixed the things that we needed to fix, but we remained positive to get us to where we want to be for states and regionals.”

At regionals, the Lady Rockets scored a 77.9, which was their lowest of the season. Despite this, they placed fifth, and received a bid to attend the state championship. States was their most competitive competition yet, going up against 12 other teams. The Lady Rockets placed tenth. They scored their second highest this season, despite having their pyramid fall. They even managed to get a perfect score in their dance technique category , which is very hard to accomplish.

The team remains happy with their performances this season, Coffey concluding, “I can honestly say that this is one of the most talented teams as a whole that I have ever coached. Not only that, but I feel that this particular team just loves the sport. I’m always going to be proud of them. Even if things go wrong, if they go out there and put 100% in, that’s all I can ask for.”