9th Grade Without Student Government Leadership

With the second month of school coming to an end, there is no plan for a freshman student government election as there is no 2026 class advisor.

Class advisors are essential parts of a class election since they not only supervise, but also help run the election. Advisors are teachers who work directly with student office candidates. Class advisors assist those looking to run for office and organize the candidate speech assembly. Additionally, they aid those who end up being elected. There cannot be elections without a class advisor.

There has been a continuous search for a 9th grade class advisor run by the main office. So far, there is one candidate interested in the job, but as of this article no one is officially filling the position. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors all have class advisors, and have therefore already held their class elections. With no election plan in place for the class of 2026, freshmen do not have any representation in the RMHS student body.

Ms. Theriault, the assistant principal who oversees the freshman class, said that elections will not move forward until a class advisor is in place.

Without a class advisor or any current election in place for the 9th grade student body, it remains unclear whether class elections will be held for the 9th grade in the 22-23 school year.