Band Debuts “Amor”

Learn About This Season’s Show


Samantha Panariti ('23), Orbit Contributor

On Saturday , September 24, the RMHS Marching Band participated in the first competition of the New England Scholastic Band Association season. 

The competition took place in Medford, MA. There were 12 bands in total competing in Divisions 1-5. The divisions are based on band size with 1 being the smallest and 5 being the largest. The band was the only competing unit in Division 2 at the Medford competition, but at later competitions, Reading will compete against other high school bands from Shepherd Hill, Burlington, Lowell, Woburn, Leominster, and Norwood. 

The band performed their show entitled “Amor”.  “It is a love story set in Latin America with Latin themes, and it’s very fun and not a super super serious show,” said the Color Guard Director Natalie Juliano. Band Director Mr. Mulligan similarly described the show as a show where “there are two characters in the color guard that play a couple. They’re in love, and it’s about them getting together and then splitting up and then getting back together again.” The music shifts moods rapidly to accompany their rapidly changing relationship. Mr. Mulligan added that the show concepts are not produced by one person alone. His original idea was to make a show based off the Day of the Dead, but after meeting with the staff, the show blossomed into the love story it is now. The show concept was created by staff members Mr. Mulligan, Ms. Juliano, Holly Gallant, Dan Muse, and Jay Carter.

Overall, the band received a score of 69.000 based on several different categories. The color guard score was the highest score Reading received at Medford. The score was 78.5.  According to Ms. Juliano, the color guard judge stated the color guard was the “strongpoint” of the band as a whole. Percussion earned a score of 64.667.

Another category is the music effect judge, who judges the “overall music and how the visual [aspect] affects the music as well,” explained Mr. Mulligan. Additionally, there is a visual effect judge who judges whether the visual design of the show lines up with the show concept and music. Reading received a total general effect score of 27.90.

The band is also judged in a music category. This includes music ensemble, where the judges make sure the band is playing together. This also includes music performance, where the judge is on the field in front of the performers. They watch individuals to judge on the overall tone of the group and if each musician is playing and articulating the same way. The band received a score of 25.40 in music. 

There is also a visual performance judge who watches from the press box and looks at the forms the band creates and individuals to make sure band members are marching the same way and color guard members are spinning and dancing the same way and how those aspects affect the overall visuals of the show. Reading received a performance visual score of 15.70.