Sophomore Hallway Brings Home The Bagels

Class of ’25 Wins Homecoming Contest


The entrance to the Class of ’25 hallway during Homecoming week.

Amber Cashins ('23) and Ella Keddy ('23)

On Friday, September 23, the RMHS Sophomore class won a free Bagel World breakfast, after defeating the other grades in a hallway decorating contest during Homecoming spirit week.

The goal was to show class spirit and bring excitement leading up to the Homecoming football game and dance that took place on Saturday the 24th. A kick off event, as well as dressing up for spirit week and a whole-school pep rally followed. Each class was assigned a specific hallway in RMHS to decorate in order to show school spirit.

At the pep rally that took place on Friday afternoon, the sophomore class was announced as the winner of the contest by a member of the Homecoming committee. Teachers voted on the winning class through an email that they received from assistant principal Ms. Buckley on Friday that gave them a couple of hours to vote on the hallway that they preferred, based on pictures that were sent out in the email.

The senior class chose an outer space theme and was given the second floor language hallway, while the juniors decorated the third floor history and English hallway as “Under the Sea”, and the freshmen had a jungle theme in the third floor math and science hallway. Finally, the winning class, the Class of ’25, successfully created a Halloween themed hallway with functional trick or treating between the classrooms.

Chucky made an appearance on the Class of ’25 hallway during Homecoming week.

Mrs. Buckley stated that parent donations covered the cost of the bagels and other supplies.  Sophomores enjoyed the breakfast the following Monday at 8:15 on Main Street.  Ms. Buckley even went on to call the breakfast and contest overall, “really successful.”

Megan Fitzpatrick, a current sophomore at RMHS, attended the Bagel World breakfast on Monday morning. She called it, “so good” and “really nice of them to do that for us since we won”. She also claimed that the hallway decorating contest “brought people together” and that it is something that RMHS should continue in future years.

The hallway decorating contest has since ended, and reflecting on the experience, Ms. Buckley stated that we need something, “the whole grade can participate in and work on communication.”  She felt that although it went well, there are definitely aspects that the grades and school can work on to improve the experience of the contest.