RMHS Homecoming Is Here

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RMHS is having what is believed to be its first-ever Homecoming next week.   A committee of students have been working hard to ensure this week is packed full with fun activities that promote school spirit. 

A student might wonder why the event is called “Homecoming.”  Homecoming has come to mean various things depending on where it is celebrated.  It varies from alumni literally “coming home” to their former schools or a fun week of events by current students. It’s a popular American high school and college tradition, occurring throughout the country. The week includes numerous activities and competitions along with a football game at the end of the week. A dance the following night usually concludes the whole event.

This is what you might want to know for the RMHS Homecoming. The week of activities begins with a kick off night on September 18 at 5PM. The event will include food from Anthony’s pizza, ice cream, inflatable games, and, to finish off the night, a girl’s senior vs. junior flag football game at 7.

September 19-23 is Homecoming Spirit Week! The week goes as follows:

Monday: Pajama day 

Tuesday: Country vs. Country Club

Wednesday: Character or Celebrity day 

Thursday: Decades day! Seniors: 2000’s, Juniors: 90’s, Sophomores: 80’s, Freshmen: 70’s

Friday: School colors!

That week will include a hallway decorating competition as well, with the winners receiving a Bagel World breakfast prize. 

Friday (September 23) is the all-school pep rally for the last 45 minutes of the day. The rally will include the RMHS Band and color-guard, musical chairs, and a game of Hungry Hungry Hippos played by the Fall sport captains! Later that night at 7, our football team has their first home football game. The theme is Rocket Pride.

We asked Ms. Buckley her feelings on helping coordinate RMHS’ first Homecoming.

“I am so excited about Homecoming. The main reason is that it is completely student-led. It was the seniors’ idea to have homecoming as a way to increase school spirit and sense of belonging at our school, two things we care really deeply about. I have partnered with 15 fantastic seniors to really make this idea come true.”

Nora Flaherty, Class of 2023 President and member of the Homecoming Committee, said:

“I think our first ever Homecoming at RMHS will be a great opportunity to bring the student body together after the pandemic and other setbacks, a time to have fun.”

Concluding the Homecoming week is the school dance on September 24 in the Field House at 7PM. The dress code is semi-casual, so don’t feel the need to go out and rent a tux, but something upscale compared to a school day outfit. You can buy tickets through the QR code posted around the school or at the link provided. Tickets are $20 and are on sale till 9/23 at this link.