Ms. Burke Retiring from RMHS


Ms. Burke has been the library/media specialist at RMHS since 2002.

Timmy Duggan ('23), Orbit Contributor

For 20 years, Ms. Sharon Burke has worked as the RMHS school librarian and now she’s finishing up her final chapter here.

Ms. Burke has had a fulfilling career, previously working as an adjunct professor at Northeastern University from 1992-1998 and at Lynn Technical High School in the early 2000’s as their librarian. She then made the switch to RMHS and has never looked back. “I really wanted to join a loving community and for the past 20 years it has been nothing but that,” Ms. Burke said.

While at the high school, Ms. Burke has been a friendly face to many. She had the privilege of representing the RMHS GSA since she arrived in 2002. Helping organize fundraisers, bake sales, and club meetings, she has aided the Reading community in understanding the complexities of gender and sexuality. Ellen Richards (‘23), co-president of the GSA, is sad to see her advisor go.

It has been a fantastic 20 years.

— Ms. Burke

Ellen said: “I’m really going to miss her and the smile she has on her face everyday. You can tell she is personally invested in the success of every student here.”

As her final year comes to a close, Ms. Burke has been reflecting on her experience here at RMHS. “I’ve really tried to make the library a safe and supportive learning environment. I hope that anyone has felt welcome coming into the library and will continue to when I leave.” Ms. Burke said.

Post-retirement Ms. Burke plans to continue figure skating, playing golf, and pickleball. She also is hoping to travel with her sister and the rest of her family. Ms. Burke concluded: “I’m really going to miss this incredible community. I have loved my job here and loved seeing my students everyday. It has been a fantastic 20 years.”