Ms. Buckley Wraps Up Year One


Timmy Duggan ('23)

First year assistant principal Ms. Buckley in her office.

Timmy Duggan ('23), Orbit Contributor

New assistant principal, Ms. Buckley, is just rounding out her first year here at RMHS.

Previously coming from a charter school in Lynn, Massachusetts, Ms. Buckley was eventually drawn to the Reading community to be a bit closer to home and to settle herself at a school she could see herself staying at for a long time. And to her, choosing RMHS could not have been a better a choice.

Within her first few days here, Ms. Buckley said she immediately felt welcomed and at home. Fellow staff and students embraced a new face in administration, along with brand new principal, Mr. Tracey. Ms. Buckley said, “I was just so excited to learn from my new colleagues and to get to know the students.” 

As a new part of administration, Ms. Buckley wanted her goal to be making RMHS a more inclusive environment. “I want the kids to appreciate one another, even if someone else may not look like you or act like you.” To help this challenge, Ms. Buckley (along with Mr. Sacco and Ms. Howie) created Unity Day at RMHS, which we all enjoyed this past May. This day emphasized everything Ms. Buckley was hoping for: inclusivity, equality, and appreciating those around you. Buckley stated: “Unity Day was one of my most favorite memories from the entire school year.”

I want the kids to appreciate one another, even if someone else may not look like you or act like you.

— Ms. Buckley

Even just in her first year here, she has gained a positive reputation and has created true bonds with students and staff. 

Teresa Hall (‘23) said: “She has brought a new energy to the school and has such a positive outlook on things. Ms. Buckley really plays an active role in making the school feel like a community.”

Ryla Demers (‘25) said: “Ms. Buckley has formed relationships with a lot of students here and continues to make sure things get done.”

Ms. Theriault, RMHS Assistant Principal for sophomores and seniors, couldn’t agree more. She stated, “Ms. Buckley is the best partner I’ve ever worked with, and that’s including my time in the military. She is not afraid of a challenge or a hard conversation.” Ms. Theriault also said that she hasn’t seen the staff smiling so much since Buckley arrived in the fall.

I asked Ms. Buckley to try and sum up her first year at RMHS in just 3 words or phrases. I knew this was difficult due to how much has happened this school year and how much she has done for the RMHS community, but she answered quickly. “This year in three words would be: challenging, inspiring, and a-step-forward.”