Senior Prom Returns, Beachside

May 25 at The Seaglass

Photo of The Seaglass in Salisbury from

Annie McConnell ('22), Orbit Contributor

The senior prom is being planned to be held on May 25th at the Seaglass in Salisbury and might return RMHS to a typical prom–inside and without masks. 

The combination of the state of Massachusetts lifting the in-school mask mandate and the loosening of mask regulations for vaccinated peoples, has increased the hope for a normal prom. The class of 2021 had a maskless prom, however, they were only able to because it took place outside. Although, the Seaglass in Salisbury is both an outdoor and indoor venue it does not currently have any mask requirements for events. Ms. Bailey, a class advisor for the class of 2022, affirmed that the mask situation will only be determined by mask regulations in the town of Salisbury or the state. “I’m imagining that we’re not going to be required to wear masks. We may have to wear masks on buses if that’s something that the bus company requires, but I think that it’s probably going to be mask free,” she said. 

For many, the idea of going to prom on a bright yellow school bus is the opposite of the ideal transportation. Although, the Class advisors and student government for the class of 2022 are working towards finding a charter bus company that is within the price range and accessible. “We’re definitely planning on taking coach buses, rather than a yellow school bus, but they’re really expensive,” Mrs. Bailey said. “And so, some estimates have been as high as two-thousand dollars per bus and we’re going to need six of them.”

The class of 2020’s senior prom was canceled, the class of 2021 had a senior prom that was outside and maskless, and the current seniors might just have the first typical prom since the class of 2019’s. However, that leaves the question of what does a conventional prom looks like? A typical prom involves a full meal of appetizers, an entree, and dessert, as well as a photo booth, and a dance floor all of which to make many memories. Maddie Rzepka (‘22) the secretary for the class of 2022 seems assured, that barring any Covid-19 spikes, there will be an average prom held on May 25th. “I think that this year’s senior prom will be more normal than those of the last couple of years,” she said.