Seniors in Drama Expect Fantastic Ending

Spring Show Debuts April 29


Han Diedrich ('22), Orbit Contributor

The final production of the RMHS Drama club arrives this spring as well as an emotional departure of the current group of seniors.

Every school year the RMHS Drama Club puts on three shows. This 21-22 school year they performed Zombie Prom in the fall, Murder on the Orient Express in the winter, and they will wrap up the year with Fantastic Mr. Fox this spring.

The final show of the year is possibly the most exciting one and also the most emotional. It is an opportunity for the club to put on their best performance yet and also spend time with the current group of seniors who will soon leave RMHS for their post-secondary endeavors after the final show.

…but it’s sad because I don’t know if I’ll ever do lighting again.

— Julia Feltus ('22)

Josie Feltus (‘22), the secretary of the Drama Club and an expert technician in lighting, has complex emotions as she approaches her final production. She is both excited and  relieved. “It’s definitely bittersweet.” she says. “I’m ready to be done, like I’m kind of exhausted, but it’s sad because I don’t know if I’ll ever do lighting again.”  Feltus’ experience in the Drama Club has opened up opportunities for her to develop skills in lighting, but it has also involved a lot of hard work. Feltus is relieved to be done with her duties, but on the other hand will miss doing them in the drama program.

Feltus along with secretary Owen Schromm (‘22)  look forward to spending time with the Drama Club to put on one last fantastic show. Schromm’s excitement for this show is greater than before. “I’m excited for it because it is my last one.” There will be many memories to be made in their final production and it will be one to remember.

Schromm knows the program’s future is secure in the hands of the rising class of 23’. “It will be taken over by new officers who are current juniors, and it will probably run similarly to how it does now.” Feltus points out that there will be a few significant changes to the technical roles, especially hers. Without her expertise in the lighting field, the club will need to find someone else to fill her shoes.They’ll have to rely a lot more on Mr. Kevin and technical adults, Feltus predicts.

Freshman Quinn Synnott describes his first year in the RMHS Drama Club as a positive and comfortable one. “I think I had a good intro into the drama program in the winter, I was very accepted by the community there, and I’m really enjoying myself so far.” Synnott looks forward to working with the seniors one last time this spring. He can gain helpful tips from them and have an overall enjoyable experience. “I really enjoyed working with all the seniors in the winter show and I want to take the opportunity to work with them again this season, and since it’s the last time they’re going to be in a show I want to take advantage of that.”

Fantastic Mr. Fox will run from April 29 through May 1.  Tickets are available here.