Will Seniors Take Final Exams?

Ben Costa ('22), Orbit Contributor

With spring quickly approaching, the question of whether or not RMHS seniors will have final exams this year recently emerged.

Alongside many teachers addressing the situation with their senior students, a new email from Assistant Principal Theriault established the procedure for the upcoming finals and AP Exams.

“Seniors who earn an average of at least a B through the end of third quarter, and have been absent less than six days during second semester will be exempt from taking the final assessment,” stated Ms. Theriault in her email. “Students in AP classes who take the AP exam will be exempt from taking a final exam.” Not only has this been established by Ms. Theriault, but also the RMHS 2021-2022 Student Handbook.  It should be noted that before the pandemic, there was this same possibility of a senior exemption from exams.

In a recent interview with Director of School Counseling Ms. Williams, she discussed the conflict between AP exams and final exams and how possibly taking two class exams may not be optimal for seniors. “I don’t think that it’s necessary for students to take two exams,” said Ms. Williams. “The AP exam is the big exam that’s the most important on.  I don’t think we need to have an additional assessment to prove how you’re doing in the class.” Despite this, Ms. Williams also mentioned that there are upsides to class finals as well. “I do see benefits for students taking exams because when you get to college you’re going to take exams, and I want you to be prepared for the feeling of studying for a big cumulative exam,” she noted. Ms. Williams ended the discussion by saying, “I just want you to be prepared.”

In a similar fashion, RMHS teachers and students also expressed their feelings towards finals. Mr. D’entremont of the Social Studies Department conveyed the benefits of having cumulative tests. “Most kids are going to college next year and they definitely have finals, so I really do think that the senior students really need to get used to these tests that are cumulative throughout the semester,” he stated in an interview