RPS ArtsFest Begins on April 12

Exhibitions and Performances Open to Students and Families


Megan McLaughlin ('23), Orbit Contributor

The annual event showcasing the artwork and performances by the students of our community is back once again!

Arts Fest 2022 is upon us and a perfect opportunity to see the thriving arts from all of the public schools in our town. The festivities will take place at Reading Memorial High School, as usual, on Tuesday April 12th and Wednesday April 13th from 5-8 pm.

An abundance of diverse visual artwork curated from grades K-12 will be displayed up and down RMHS’s Main Street. This unique event showcases the creative work being produced from the youngest students in our community to graduating seniors. This is a wonderful way for the great artists of our town to exhibit their work; however, there is more to this enjoyable experience than the visual pieces. All types of performing arts will delight the halls throughout the two-day festival.

Our students are bringing us together through the arts, and it’s a powerful way to see that happen.”

— Mr. Mosher

Musical performances will take place in the Performing Arts Center of the high school, which will feature a variety of dance styles performed by students ranging from pre-k to high school. Some to look out for are chorus, band, jazz band, the RCTV programs, and dramatic productions, as well as folk dancing from pre-k and elementary students on Main Street.

I took it to one of the high school’s own creative teachers,  RMHS Fine and Performing Arts Department Head and Fine Arts Director for Reading Public schools, Mr. Mosher, to grasp more on why this event is so spectacular and what it means to be a part of something that brings the community together in an artistic way like this one.

“We are hoping to draw in people to not only see what their child is creating but to see that their child is a part of something bigger that’s going on in the community, and even people around Reading to go, ‘Wow, they are really doing something great in the school district and bringing the community together.’ In some sense, it is even more exciting that this is the first one post-Covid because people have this void and our students are bringing us together through the arts, and it’s a powerful way to see that happen.”

This student exhibition is going to wow the crowd. Come by to walk the gallery, listen to some live music, or watch inspirational dances. Arts Fest is a long time favorite in the community, and the first one in two years is something you will not want to miss.