First Junior Prom Since 2019 Fast Approaching

Get All the Details Below


Hannah Rigney ('23), Orbit Contributor

Junior prom is finally back. 

For the junior class this will be the first dance without a semi to warm up the experience. It’s a full jump into the deep end. It is many people’s first time picking the perfect dress or suit.  While there is something exciting about the unknown, it’s also important to know everything you can. Let me help you with that.

The date of the prom is Wednesday, April 27,  already less than a month away. The ride will depart from the high school at 6:15. Rented limos or party buses are a thing of the past.  Classic yellow school buses are the new “sweet ride.”  It’s kind of cute, that your prom date can double up as your bus buddy! If your bus buddy is from a different school, they will be required to complete a registration form which you can get from the main office. A prom date that’s from RMHS but from a different grade should be in contact with their assistant principal for their specific dance contract. Everyone…everyone…needs to sign the student event contract: here, it takes three seconds.

If you are a junior and haven’t paid your class dues of 10 dollars, you must before prom, so you might want to consider doing that soon. Before you make that hair, nail, or makeup appointment make sure it is after 12:00, or else you will be considered absent for the day. The prom’s duration is 7-10 at the Danversport Yacht club! Perfect, just enough time to get a full night’s rest for school on the very next day!

The tickets are on sale until April 15th for $100 per ticket. You can buy up to two tickets. For purchasing tickets, you can pay in cash or check, you can drop it off the Ms. Glazier’s room 411.  You can also purchase them online here, but it’s an extra 4 dollars. 

Before picking out the best purse make sure you do not have anything you wouldn’t want a supervisor to find because, as the RMHS Student Handbook says,  “All students are subject to a bag search and breathalyzer before admission to a school dance and during the event.”

With all that said, let’s hope the first junior prom since 2019 will be a great one!