Girls Hockey Prepared for State Tournament Run


The ’21-’22 RMHS Girls Hockey Team

Maya Szecsenyi ('22), Orbit Contributor

Note:  Since this story was filed, the girls hockey team defeated 8th seeded Nauset High School by a score of 1-0.  Their second round game is against Haverhill High School at 5:00 on March 9 at Veterans Memorial Rink in Haverhill.


After making it to the first round of the State Tournament, the RMHS Girls Varsity Hockey Team has been preparing this week to play against Nauset Regional High School this Saturday at 7pm at the Charles Moore Arena in Orleans, MA.

This Division 1 tournament will consist of a total of 32 school teams, including the RMHS’s Girls Hockey Team, who are seeded as 25th. After a rough winter break due to a COVID breakout, the team was able to come back and make it to the state tournament. They were 8-11-1 during their regular season and Captain Solana O’Shea (‘22) said that although not much is known about the Nauset High School team, the team is going into this tournament with positive attitudes. 

Along with the start of season COVID breakout, O’Shea said that the team has had to overcome a couple of challenges this hockey season. With the team being made up of many younger players, some 8th graders as well, it took some time to adjust to playing as a team with a large age gap. However, O’Shea said, “I think it’s really great that we have a regular season this year.”  After a COVID restricted season last year, O’Shea said that the team has had more chances for regular practices and time to bond as a team off and on the rink.

Captain Maddie Rzepka (‘22) said that the team has been focusing on practicing the basics and perfecting their skills during practice this week. They spent some time playing two on ones, one on ones, as well as practicing their passing skills. “It’s been a long season, I think we just have to go into this tournament with a positive attitude,” Rzepka said. “Give it all that we have, and just have a good time.”