Trap Doors at RMHS?

Do they really lead to a pool?


A mysterious portal at RMHS.

Lindsay Branga ('22), Orbit Contributor

Many students over the past couple years have noticed small doors in the floors of the stairwells, despite the doors trying to blend in. 

Students at RMHS have noticed the small doors in the stairwells for a while now and have yet to figure out what they lead to. Mr. Hillis, a custodian at RMHS explained the function of these doors.  “They are just access panels to plumbing and electrical wires.” The only way to get in is by a special key that only custodians have access to, according to Mr. Hillis. When I requested to be able to see what is underneath the doors, Mr. Hillis declined to show, also claiming no student has ever been allowed to go down there. 

However, some students claim they have never even seen the doors in the first place. Senior Kate Witham questioned, “There are secret doors in the stairwell floors?” Students use these stairwells every day and have yet to notice the quite large door placed next to the stairs. Witham states that she is too busy focusing to notice “something like that.” 

Students, including junior Emelia Burns, jokingly claim that the door leads to a basement where the secret pool can be found. Though there is no secret pool, there is a basement that also includes “an exhaust fan for moisture” that’s accessible from the “trap door” in stairwell six, according to Hilis.