Senior Runners Grateful

Winter Track is Back

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Christina Sacco ('22), Orbit Contributor

Seniors on the winter track are excited to return to a “regular” season, anticipating a good record due to the strong stack of athletes they have on the roster. 

Athletes on the Winter track team are excited to return to normalcy after having an irregular season last year. Last year, the team was put into a “Fall 2” season along with other sports such as volleyball, football, and cheer. 

 Captain of the boy’s team Connor Patterson (‘22) said, “We were moved to what was the ‘fall 2’ season last year and we were not practicing inside for most of the season, it was mostly outside. It was the end of winter, early spring, it was a little cold so it’s nice to be back inside, and it’s nice to use the locker room.” Connor and his teammates agree that they won’t take the indoor aspect of the winter season for granted now, after experiencing the cold last year. “We know that it’s a privilege to be able to practice inside compared to last year. Everyone keeps their masks on, everyone is really safe, so hopefully we don’t get shut down and I think we are doing what we can to prevent that.”

We know that it’s a privilege to be able to practice inside compared to last year.

— Connor Patterson ('22)

Captain of the girl’s team Jackie Caraco (‘22) expressed her excitement as well, feeling grateful that this year there will be more opportunities for the Rockets to showcase their talent. “It’s a lot more exciting because there’s a lot more invitationals and meets this year, and it’s just nice to have more opportunities to show how strong the team will be.” Specifically, Caraco gave a shout-out to the throwers and relay runners. “The throwers are doing a really good job so I am excited to see how they do and I think our relays are going to be strong this year. We’re working really hard, we are already starting off stronger than we did last season so I am excited to see what happens.”

…it’s just nice to have more opportunities to show how strong the team will be.

— Jackie Caraco ('22)

With restrictions being lifted this season, athletes are happy to be able to do team bonding and feel that will strengthen them as a whole. Catie Nickerson (‘22) said, “I think we are going to do well. We have some very strong runners and we are just really focused on bonding.” Teammate Ryan Branson (‘22) agreed with Catie. “It’s going to be a lot easier this year because we still have to wear masks but it’s going to be easier in the aspect of team chemistry because we’re going to be able to interact with each other and actually do stuff together.” This is a similar emotion throughout high-school sports this year, since during the previous season outside bonding was restricted. 

Although their previous season was tough because of COVID, they actually performed very well as a team. Patterson said, “We are coming off a Middlesex League win last year and really good state level performances. We are hoping to match that Middlesex League win and get better in the state as a whole. We have a lot of really talented athletes, a lot of depth, and we are excited to take on the season.” The team strives to continue to improve and maintain their high-level performance that they executed last year. Patterson’s teammates have expressed similar hopes for the season. Branson said, “Right now we are projected to go 5 and 0, we’re thinking everything is going to go to plan so just gotta keep the standards.” Nickerson similarly expressed, “I am very optimistic about how the season is going to go and I am just excited to be back with the team.”