Lewin, Boys Swim Team Looking Forward to Real Season


Maddy Forse ('21)

The Trophy case on Main Street at RMHS.

Evan Kerr ('22), Orbit Contributor

With Winter Sports at RMHS finally underway, Senior captain Weston Lewin and the Boy’s Swim team are looking forward to having a successful season after a strange Covid season this past spring.

Last year’s season for the boys swim team was far from normal. Traditionally, the season would always take place in the winter; however, due to the abnormality of high school sports amidst a pandemic, it took place in the spring. Along with this, the meets were all held virtually with almost no crowd. While the season wasn’t totally lost and lots of kids did very well setting personal bests, the usual excitement surrounding the team was not there.

When reflecting on the strange year, current senior captain Weston Lewin, claimed, “What gets people hyped is having physical competition next to you with people in the other lane to give you an adrenaline rush. We didn’t have that last year. The aspect of competition was missing.” Due to this, the boys are eager to finally get back to that competitive environment. As stated by Lewin, “The whole team is very excited to be back to a real season.”

The whole team is very excited to be back to a real season.

— Weston Lewin ('22)

As far as this year is concerned, Lewin feels confident after the first few practices. Lewin admitted that the first practice was tough. “Being away from the pool for so long, it was a shock being back swimming at this level.” Lewin went on, describing that the following practices were mostly developing technique and learning the fundamentals, stating “There’s been a lot of learning of all the different strokes, Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Butterfly, and the different turns and starts of each stroke.” While the first few practices were all about the basics, the team feels confident in their ability to put together a successful season this year.

Lewin stated, ”We have a lot of super strong upperclassmen. While our fastest swimmers are juniors and seniors, we also have a lot of freshmen. While a lot of them are just starting to swim competitively, it’s comforting to see that we have people who can carry the team on in the future.” Going into his fourth year in the program, Lewin is ecstatic to help lead this young group of swimmers as a captain of the team. Lewin claimed “My experience on the boys swim team at RMHS has been shaped by my former captains. They’ve had a really big influence on me. They’ve made my experience what it is today, so I hope I can be that person for a freshman or sophomore.”

If you want to come out and support the team, the first meet of the season is being held at the YMCA this saturday, December 11th, at 4:30 against Lexington or click here to view their schedule.