Rocket Fumes: Do you prefer in-person learning over remote learning?

Alice Lin (‘22), Editor

As a result of COVID, remote learning began during the Spring of 2020. Last year, there was the hybrid model, where students had the opportunity to come into school for two days and at least two days staying home to learn remotely. However, there were still students that chose to be fully remote for the whole school year. Students were required to take classes using Zoom, which allows students to learn over a video conferencing platform. Since learning took place online, students would have been on screen for multiple hours a day. Then they would also have to do homework, which the homework was usually on screen, as well. Although learning in-person would mean that students need to wear face masks, many students report better engagement and accountability when in the room with a teacher.

After students had the chance to experience both learning in-person and remote learning, I decided to toss the question to two RMHS students, “Do you prefer in-person learning over remote learning?”


Yasmine Saheb (‘23)

I prefer in-person learning more than remote learning greatly. The reason why is because I get to see my friends more and catch up with old teachers. It’s great to learn in an in-person environment because it’s easier to participate in class and ask the teacher questions. It helps us focus more because there are fewer distractions. There are fewer technical difficulties. Also talking to real people is a lot better than talking to a screen all day.


Jaden Streeter (‘22)

Definitely remote learning. I have a lot of issues of physical and mental health issues, so being able to lie down if I start feeling sick, or turn off the cameras of the other students as to not get overstimulated really helped me. I also really enjoyed being able to eat good, hot meals because I could just walk to my kitchen and make something. My favourite thing was that it gave me a lot more control of my day because I did not have to depend on a teacher to do anything. I could go to the bathroom when I needed to, walk around or hang with family during breaks. Lastly, I loved having the four, two-hour classes a day. I did not have to go to so many different subjects a day- another thing that overstimulates me. I could just chill in my chair and pay attention to the lecture without having to pick up my stuff and rush to another room.