Field Hockey Winning Early and Often


Maddy Forse ('21)

The Trophy case on Main Street at RMHS.

Sara Haas ('22), Orbit Contributor

Following the first month of school, members of the RMHS field hockey team reflected on their experience so far as being positive and fun.

Walking through the halls, many students will see members of the RMHS field hockey team dressed up in uniform or in themed clothing to show their excitement for game days. The team has been playing together for just over a month now. With a record of 6-1-1, the team is a very talented one this year, having a mix of sophomores, juniors, and seniors (at time of publication, the team is 9-3-2).

This year there are three senior captains. Maddie Rzepka, Solana O’Shea, and Maddie Egan, who have been on the team since their sophomore year in the 2019 season. Senior Olivia Chamberlain states, “I really like the captains this year, they all have been on varsity since sophomore year so they’re all really good and add a lot to our team. They text us all the time and update us on different things like pasta parties or whatever, and they plan stuff and they are just very dedicated to our team.” The three seem to be very liked individuals on the team, with hopeful outlooks for the season. Captain Maddie Rzepka reflected on her experience as a captain saying, “Being a captain has been great. I love it, it’s a lot of responsibility but it’s something I’ve wanted and aspired to be for the last few years and I just love everything about it.”

Field hockey’s just the best part of my day…

— Maddie Rzepka ('22)

The team has been very successful so far this season. They only have one loss, one tie and the rest are wins. Chamberlain stated, “The season is actually going really well. Actually, a few days ago we got our power ranking from the MIAA and were third in the division right now so that’s pretty good.” The MIAA stands for Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletics Association, a non-profit organization that governs, organizes, and promotes student athletics. Rzepka, agreeing with Chamberlain’s statement, added, “Our season’s been pretty successful, we only have one loss and one tie so far this season and we hope to keep it just like that and keep winning.” 

Their hopeful and positive outlook has helped them throughout the season, as well as their tight bond. Chamberlain said, “I really like my team, the community, my teammates and my coach is awesome.” The girls seem to get along well and enjoy their time playing together. Rzepka stated, “Field hockey’s just the best part of my day I think it’s very therapeutic for all of us just to go out there and hit the ball especially with how hard its been to transition from last year to this tear and especially with being a senior it’s just very stressful with all the classes I’m taking and field hockey’s just my me time and I get to hang out with my friends.”

From the transition of a covid restricted season last year to this year in full swing, the girls have many goals for this season and are excited to continue practice and games.