College Admissions Reps Visit RMHS

In-Person Visits Have Returned


Christina Sacco ('22)

College representatives, like the one pictured, visit RMHS throughout the fall.

Christina Sacco ('22), Orbit Contributor

Throughout the fall, college admissions representatives are paying valuable visits to RMHS to help seniors who are experiencing the overwhelming college process. 

So far, students and guidance staff have found these visits to be very helpful in the advice they are given and having the opportunity to ask questions to further their knowledge. These visits let students gain information they may not have known about a particular school, and/or allow them to see if the school is really of interest to them. 

Within the first two weeks of these visits, there have been a great number of schools already at the guidance office. Students that have attended are finding them to be of great use, “It was actually very helpful and he gave us some good inside tips and a leg up for when we are applying and what to do,” said Callie Sullivan (‘22). Sullivan, who attended the meeting for the College of Charleston, also expressed that students are encouraged to ask questions since the small setting allows for it. “There were only three or four other kids there so it was an intimate meeting, and we really got face to face time with the rep and time to ask any questions that we wanted to.”

…it really is such a special opportunity for the admissions reps to see the faces of the kids who will be applying and for students to connect with them.

— Mr. Kennedy

RMHS Guidance staff expressed their happiness to have these visits back post-Covid. Guidance counselor Mr. Kennedy said, “For so long, like many things, it was something that we simply took for granted but it really is such a special opportunity for the admissions reps to see the faces of the kids who will be applying and for students to connect with them. In some cases, especially in smaller groups, students can make an impression, and they really do.” And Mrs. Haley, administrative assistant to the guidance staff, expressed that students are making an impact when they do come to the meetings by asking questions. “Lots of new questions that the counselors have never heard before, which is great that kids are so involved and wanting to know about the next step of their lives.”

These visits present a great opportunity to not only learn about the school and admission, but also to simply see if the school is what you are looking for. Mary Duggan (‘22) expressed, “I thought that the rep was very persuasive. She was realistic with what to expect but also showed the fun aspects of the school.” Duggan left that meeting feeling more reassured that she was going to apply to that school, University of Connecticut. On the other hand, Maggie Shediac (‘22) said, “I am happy that I went because I wanted to go to one of these meetings in general. I still don’t know if I am going to apply there but it was good to see.” Shediac, who attended the meeting for Boston University, left the meeting feeling that it was beneficial to her, allowing her to contemplate if the school was a good fit. 

These representatives are coming from all over the country from universities as close as Boston University and Bentley University, all the way down to Florida with Miami University also making an appearance in late October, and North Carolina with a visit from Elon also in late October.

Students are allowed to miss class for these visits as they are during the school day, as long as that student receives a pass from guidance in the morning and is approved by their teacher whose class they will be missing. They will not be able to attend if they have a presentation or test on that day.