Students Flooding Fall Sporting Events


This year the student sections have been large and loud at Rocket sporting events.

Connor Patterson ('22), Orbit Contributor

RMHS students, eager to spend time together after COVID limited spectators at last year’s sporting events, are flooding the stands so far this year.

Students are returning to the stands this fall to support their fellow Rockets as many teams kick off their seasons. Students have been attending games for RMHS’s football, soccer, volleyball, and swim competitions. It is not too surprising to see students at games on a normal year, but the sea of students you can find at games has caught many by surprise.

Theme nights are being organized for some of the more popular games as well. Students who attended the Rocket football game this past Friday were collectively decked out in Red, White, and Blue. When asked about the Reading vs. Barnstable football game, Carter Fox (’22) stated, “It was awesome to go the game with all my friends and see everyone. Some kids had some really fun outfits. You can tell people are taking it seriously and really support our school.”

Fans at a recent football game enjoyed “Red, White, and Blue Night”

Another student from the class of 2022, Will Flarehty, runs an Instagram account followed by students of RMHS. On their page, you can find out what games are upcoming and where to watch. When asked what do you think is driving RMHS students out to sports games this year, Flarehty stated, “The thing that’s is driving RMHS students to attend sporting events this fall is the lack of sporting events last year. RMHS has always had crowds for sports like football and hockey but now students feel that it is time to make up some of the time lost… Although it will not make up for our high school experience or lack thereof, it creates memories that will last for years to come.”

Turnout for sporting events has stayed level for big-time fall events like football, but what caught many by surprise was the high number of students attending games for volleyball, soccer, and even a swim meet. Sports that usually don’t have an obviously large student crowds have seen an increase in attendance. This fall, it is easier for RMHS students to attend a game with the lack of COVID restrictions. After a year of limited attendance, it is clear that Rocket’s want to be back in the stands.