Fall II Forces Tough Decision for Some Athletes


Maddy Forse ('21)

The Trophy case on Main Street at RMHS.

Ashley Keaveny ('21), Orbit Contributor

Due to overlapping sports seasons this year, some athletes have had to pick between two sports that would normally run in different seasons.

This crazy year has not only affected students academically, but athletically, too. With the sports seasons all thrown off, the Fall II season consists of some sports that have traditionally run in the fall and some that usually run in the winter . This overlap has left some athletes in a position where they have to pick one of the two sports that they play.

…the decision was pretty clear, but it was still difficult.

— Kate Faucon ('21)


Choosing a single sport was not easy for these athletes. Senior Tyler Lindmark chose running winter track this year over football. “I made the decision by talking to coaches and teammates on both teams and seeing how each season was going to be like,” he said.  “I also had to consider what my worth was to each team, and being a captain of the track team made it a lot easier to make my decision.” He continued, “I don’t regret choosing track over football but I am definitely sad that I am not able to play this year.” For Lindmark, being a captain of the track team was the deciding factor in his decision to choose winter track over football. 

While the decision may be clear for some athletes, that doesn’t mean it is always easy. Senior Kate Faucon chose winter track over cheerleading.  “I made the decision as I was a captain for track and not a captain for cheerleading, so the decision was pretty clear, but it was still difficult. It is always hard to leave behind a sport that you’ve done for your whole life, but sometimes you have to give it up.” She added, “I don’t regret doing track but because I love the sport and my team, but of course I still miss cheering and try to visit their practices as much as possible. Overall, I am happy with the decision that I made.” Faucon knew what decision she had to make, but still had a difficult time actually making that decision. 

Although athletes are leaving a sport behind, they are finding the positives in only being able to participate in one. With the support of their coaches and teammates, these athletes are having a great season, and putting all their focus into one sport, rather than looking ahead to the next.