Prom In The Works for Class of ’21

Caroline Johnson ('21), Orbit Contributor

The RMHS Senior Class Office announced last week that they have set three possible dates aside in early June for the Class of 2021 Senior Prom.

The announcement sparked a sense of exhilaration among the senior class, because for most, this is the first (and last) prom that the grade will attend, as junior prom was cancelled last year due to COVID-19.

Class Office took to Instagram (@2021classrmhs) on March 10th to announce a host of tentative senior events for the upcoming spring. Senior Class Adviser Ms. Howie, also sent an email to the senior class and parents relaying the information. The communication listed senior prom as a “tentatively approved larger student-centered event in the works.” The dates set aside for prom fall midweek, either June 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, which is the week preceding the Class of 2021’s graduation ceremony.

While administration, including Superintendent Doherty, has approved plans for a prom, there are still many unknowns thus far. Prom may look different for this senior class, but Class Office and administration are planning one that will be memorable and that follows necessary safety precautions. Senior Class Adviser Ms. Bailey noted, “It’s safe to say that we are committed to having a prom, but where it will take place and what it will look like is still being figured out.” Because Covid-19 safety regulations must be implemented, it is still too early to gauge what this means for aspects such as venue, food, ticket cost, and other important facets.

Of all the classic senior events, senior prom is among the most exciting for seniors. This year, senior prom is especially anticipated by the senior class. Many female attendees bought dresses last spring ahead of junior prom that they never had the opportunity to wear because of the pandemic. Senior Class President Josh Beddingfield asserted, “We know [prom] is a top-three priority, and we want to make it happen as much as possible.”

Beddingfield recognizes the importance of “finding a dress and a date,” and both Class Office and the Class Officers will inform the senior class of the next updates surrounding prom with further confirmation of approval.