Girl Rising Goes Remote

Madelyn Forse ('21), Orbit Contributor

October 25, 2020

As RMHS enters week seven of remote learning and the beginning of hybrid learning, the Girl Rising Club continues to donate, raise awareness, and bring to light the issues of young girls in third world countries struggling to g...

RMHS Music Programs Adapting to COVID-19

William Xia ('21), Orbit Contributor

October 23, 2020

In light of COVID’s social distancing protocols and requirements, music groups at RMHS are finding ways to adapt to the obstacles they are facing. Music programs at RMHS are being impacted the most by online schooling. Whil...

Remote School Means Serious Screen Time for RMHS Students

Ojasi Shastri ('21), Orbit Contributor

October 16, 2020

As RMHS completes one month of remote school, students are wrestling with the monotony of spending an entire school day in front of the computer screen.   On October 15th, Reading will complete one month of remote learning. Remo...

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